Alphatrad's translation company in the UK

As a language translation company, our main objective is to create a connection between the original text and the final target text, controlling every nuance perfectly.

Specific types of translation projects:

Technical translations 

 Technical Translations

 MSDSchemical industryindustrial productionITrenewable energiespatentsconsumer electronics industryengineering area

Legal translations 

 Legal Translations

 Company articles of association, contracts, judgements, licences, etc.

 Medical Translations

 Medical reports, pharmaceutical technology, clinical studies, etc.

 Business Translations

 Exporters, importers, manufacturers, retailers, etc.

 Fast Translation Services

 Translating documents in under 24 hours.

 Certified & Notarised Translations

 Permits, visas, driving licenses, documents for government bodies

Website translations

 Website Translations

 Translation of static or dynamic (cms) websites. Online Marketing Translations (SEO, AdWords, Social Media)


Key points: Obtaining a correct translation

The main aim of every translation is to provide a link between the source language (or original text) and the target language (the final translated version). This means that the translator has to master all of the subtleties of the source language in order to reproduce the technical or cultural context for the reader in the target language.  This is why at Alphatrad UK all of our translators are expert, native speakers of the target language.