English <> Greek translations

Our translation agency provides translations of various documents, texts, and files from English into Greek and vice versa.

Do you want a multilingual website or need to have the technical manuals for your complex products translated? Do you want to surprise your potential customers and clients with marketing brochures and newsletters in their native language?

English <> Greek translation services London UKWe offer translations of website texts and other documents for your business. Various language combinations are possible, including, amongst others:

  • English <> Greek 
  • German <> Greek 
  • Spanish <> Greek 
  • Italian <> Greek 
  • French <> Greek 
  • And many other combinations

We are happy to provide you with detailed, free, non-binding price information on request, via our online enquiry form.


Useful information about the Greek language

There are different levels of Greek: the ancient Greek taught in schools, which was used in ancient times, and modern Greek, which is spoken throughout the country today. The written tradition of the language dates back more than 3,400 years and the only other living languages with a similarly long written heritage are Chinese and Aramaic. Mycenaean Greek emerged as far back as at the 14th century BC. Findings show that it was used to label transport amphorae to indicate their contents.

European literature, science, and philosophy began with the Greek language and major works such as the New Testament and the great dramas of Sophocles were written in Greek. Many modern languages ​​have loanwords from Greek and Albanian and Armenian are related languages. The influence of the Greek language on the development of Europe was enormous. The Cyrillic and Latin alphabets were developed on the basis of the Greek alphabet.

You can find detailed information about the Greek language on Wikipedia