Commercial exchange contracts and their translation

Commercial exchange contracts legal translation services

Exchange contracts represent a document whereby each contracting party is required to give one thing in exchange for another.

It is essential to translate the commercial exchange contract when the contracting parties do not speak the same language. Commercial exchange contracts are common when it comes to exchanging movable and immovable property, regardless of the geographical area and the socio-economic profile of the various parties to the contract.

Premises, housing, tangible property such as cars or items of jewellery are all items that are liable to be part of a commercial exchange contract, for which translation is recommended where different languages are spoken.

Translation is a way of facilitating the understanding of the content of the exchange contract and the terms and conditions subject to which the contract is executed, and it also gives meaning to the content and ensures that the foreign contracting party is able to assert his rights, in the event that the contract is breached.

It is therefore important that, in translating commercial exchange contracts, the responsible parties engage the services of a team of professionals who guarantee quality of service and delivery deadlines in keeping with the needs of clients.