Little known and entertaining information about Iceland

Little known and entertaining information about Iceland
  • Iceland is located in the far north of Europe, and although it’s the second largest island state; it’s the least populated country with less than 500,000 inhabitants.
  • Icelanders' standard of living has been among the highest for years compared to the rest of the world, even though Iceland is a divided country. One half of the country lies on the North American continental plate, while the other half, lies on the Eurasian one and the two halves move two centimetres apart every year.
  • The Global Peace Index reveals that nowhere in the world is as peaceful as Iceland and the country has no regular armed forces.
  • The peaceful Icelanders even went as far as banning boxing a long time ago. In 2002, after a break of almost fifty years, boxing was allowed to return to the ring.
  • When it comes to food, Icelanders’ taste in food is a little peculiar – particularly when it comes to Hákarl. This is fermented meat from the Greenland shark, which for foreign palates takes some getting used to.
  • Another phenomenon in Iceland that fascinates tourists in particular are elves and their elfin representatives. When building projects are underway, people knock on the doors, because they do not want to disturb or even upset the elves and trolls. Many Icelanders deny that they believe in these mythical creatures, but to be on the safe side they still carry out these rituals.


Icelanders are creative, in their language as well

Icelandic is considered to be difficult to learn, although like Norwegian it belongs to the North Germanic languages. As the island has remained very isolated, the language has not adapted over the centuries, as it has in Norway.

In addition, Icelanders do not like to borrow words from other languages and prefer to be creative themselves when adding new words/terms to the language. Since 1960, there has even been a committee created specifically for this purpose, which has the task of inventing new Icelandic words.

For example, the international word computer is a "number predictor" or a "calculating witch", and the word for a drone is "distant fly".

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