What is Optilingua International? (video)


What is Optilingua International?

OPTILINGUA INTERNATIONAL is a group of firms located in eleven countries in Europe and specialising in linguistic engineering. What is linguistic engineering? It is translation and all related services: dubbing, transcription, subtitling, linguistic SEO, putting multilingual websites online.

How is your network organised?

Firstly, the human resources aspect: first and foremost, we have translators in the majority of countries around the world because our policy consists of having the translations done in the countries where the languages are spoken. Why? Firstly, because a language is living and it evolves over time. We ask people to translate only into their mother tongue and, in these countries we also find translators who specialise in the areas that we need such as legal, technical, medical, IT, financial, etc. We are present through subsidiaries or representative offices of Optilingua group subsidiaries in many countries, mainly in London, Brussels, and Amsterdam, in various towns in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Denmark.

Who are you targeting?

Our customer base is mainly made up of professionals, import and export firms, multinationals, medium-sized firms, and the legal professions, mainly lawyers and solicitors.

What services do you offer?

Translation services form the basis of our core trade, but now we are directing our attention to related services, such as SEO processing, so that websites in different languages are optimised. We also offer dubbing and transcripts in different languages and subtitling.

What are your new products for 2016?

We want to get out of the pure niche of translation with this new orientation. We have already carried out a few tests so we know where we are going and we think that the bulk of the demand will be from multilingual SEO, such as the analysis of websites and key words, and searches in different languages and different countries in order to offer our customers key word searches. We suggest these key words to them and provide them with translations adapted to the SEO and therefore the natural positioning.


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