Professional Translations: English <> Chinese

Our professional translation company will provide you with quality translations for those all important documents.

Our team of English to Chinese translators will supply you with: legal translations, medical translations, product description translations, website and marketing material translations and more!

We know and understand the importance of accurately translating your documents, regardless of the language pair. That’s why we source accomplished linguist translating into their native language from all over the world.

Translation Services London UK ChineseAlphatrad UK conveniently located in the heart of London provides a global audience with technical translations in over 100 languages. Not only do we offer translations from English into Simplified Chinese, Chinese Mandarin and contrariwise, we can provide you with translations in:

  • French <> Chinese
  • Spanish <> Chinese
  • German <> Chinese
  • As well as  many other language combinations!


Interesting facts about Chinese:

Chinese vernacular consists of so many variations, which are so different in parts of the country that, an inhabitant of Beijing would have considerable difficulty in communicating with someone from Guangzhou located in the south. Mandarin is the official language in the People’s Republic of China, and in Taiwan Mandarin is taught in schools with the dialect being the “lingua franca” within China.

In Chinese there are over 50,000 written characters , only a fraction of these are used in everyday communication.  However, you would still need a minimum of 3000 to 4000 characters in your vocabulary just to read the morning news! One main difficulty of contemporary Chinese, in particular for foreigners wishing to learn Chinese as a second language, is lacking the ability to fully grasp the pronunciation of the four sounds:  四个声音 - Sì gè shēngyīn. The pronunciation of these or the ability  to distinguish between the sounds correctly when listening,  requires a large amount of practice.