English <> Bulgarian translations

Do you want to make the content on your website available in multiple languages to give your products or services greater reach? We can translate the texts on your company website to ensure that your services and products are easier to find. We are also happy to assist you in translating manuals, brochures, and other documents and texts.


We offer professional translations from English into Bulgarian and vice versa:

English <> Bulgarian translation services London UKWe can provide you with professional translations, such as marketing brochures, technical manuals, or other texts and documents, in a wide range of language combinations. We offer translations in the following combinations:

  • English <> Bulgarian 
  • German <> Bulgarian 
  • Spanish <> Bulgarian 
  • Italian <> Bulgarian 
  • French <> Bulgarian 
  • And many other language combinations

On request, we will provide you with free, non-binding price information, via our online enquiry form.


Useful information about the Bulgarian language

Approximately 10 million people speak Bulgarian and it is one of the oldest documented Slavic languages. The suffixed definite article makes Bulgarian significantly different from other Slavic languages, and the Cyrillic alphabet was invented for Old Church Slavonic, which was used especially in the 10th and the 11th centuries.

The language's loanwords mainly come from Turkish, Russian, and Greek. Since the 19th century, people have been trying to replace Turkish words with Slavisms from Russian, but these efforts have only been able to prevail in the written language. The colloquial language is still dominated by Turkish elements and terms from German or French are predominantly used in technical fields in Bulgaria.

In terms of Bulgarian dialects, a distinction is made between East Bulgarian, which forms the basis of the written language, and West Bulgarian, which has become increasingly important, since the 20th century.

You can find additional information about the Bulgarian language and its history on Wikipedia.