Business Translation Services

Business Translation Services

As an owner-managed translation agency, we have been supporting global companies for more than 40 years with a wide variety of multilingual language solutions.

The business translation services are provided by our 3,500 translators, who translate into European as well as many non-European languages – and exclusively into their native tongues. We can therefore guarantee consistent quality and planning security for our customers, companies and their employees.


Business translation for every industry by experienced specialist translators

The texts we receive for translation from our clients range from architectural translation and translations for the automotive industry, to translations in the fields of finance, media, PR, fashion, and medicine as well as homepage translations. We ensure that the specialist translators who translate your texts are familiar with your industry, know the technical terminology inside and out, and engage with your corporate language. Our professional business translations are immediately recognisable as coming from a distinguished translator and business language expert.

Most of our native tongue translators permanently reside in the region for which the target language translations are intended, or maintain regular contact with their country of origin. Having a good grasp of local market conditions is extremely important – such as with tourism translation, for instance. As the tourism industry is constantly changing, a good tourism translator must have in-depth knowledge of the current conditions in the target region.


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Business translations for your company

We strive to satisfy your requirements, so that you can achieve success.  We always provide successful outcomes and the large number of satisfied clients is evidence of this. Just let us know what you need. You can rely on quick and professional execution. We develop long-term customer relationships and your satisfaction is vital to us.

Contact our professionals by email where you can request, a free, no obligation quotation. You’ll be surprised at the speed and professionalism of our service!


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Business Translation Services for 100+ Languages


FAQ about our business translation services

Yes, regardless of the type of translation involved, all your documents remain strictly confidential.

Thanks to our priority translation services, we can carry out urgent business translations within a few hours.

The cost of a business translation depends on the type of document, the number of words and the language pairing. To find out the exact cost, request a free quote online.

To guarantee the quality of the business translation, all our translators work in their mother tongue and have experience or training in the field.