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Food industry: influential industry branch with many sub-areas

Many business sectors provide impressive services every day to ensure good nutrition and high-quality food, while at the same time taking care of and preserving the environment, and implementing sustainable practices in the interests of consumers and future generations. These sectors include agriculture, fish farming and fisheries, the production and processing of staple and semi-luxury foods and beverages, the transport and storage of foodstuff, food retail and wholesale, catering, equipment manufacturing, machinery, instruments, facilities as well as their maintenance and repair. The international connections within the food industry also lead to an increased demand for high-quality translations. Documents from all of the specialist areas must be translated into different languages from around the world.


Here’s an overview of the types of projects we currently complete for our clients in the food & beverage industry:

The importance of professional translation for the food industry is increasing

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Food industry related topics are varied and diverse. We provide translations in the following areas (amongst others):

  • Biotechnology
  • Grain processing
  • Meat processing
  • Confectionery industry
  • Ingredients industry
  • Catering
  • Dairy industry
  • Dietary supplements
  • Chemical industry
  • Modern nutrition

Our branches:

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