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Language Diversity in London

It is statistically proven that London has the highest density of foreign speakers compared to the rest of England and Wales. Figures show (from the office of National Statistics), that The London Borough of Newham had the lowest proportion of English language speakers at only 58.6% of the population with English as their main language.

Overall, 92.3% of the population or  49.8 million of us report English (or Welsh in Wales) as our first language. The remaining 7.7% of the population or  4.2 million have a main language other than English.

Polish actually came out with the highest number of speakers in England after English  at  546.000 or 1% of the population, with Panjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Arabic, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish in descending order.

London as well as being ethnically diverse also has the highest proportion of people affiliated with a religion other thank Christianity. London reported a lower number of people with English as their main language 77.9% around 6 million people, along with the highest number of residence born outside of the UK.