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The Economy turnaround time is the time it takes for your project to be entrusted to a single translator, obviously there is a limit to the number of words that one person can translate each day. For a text with fewer than 3,000 words, the normal turnaround time is two days (excluding Sundays and public holidays), but it is possible to shorten this by a few hours using the Priority option. There is a supplementary charge for this, calculated as a percentage of the normal price for our services.

Yes. All staff working at and with Alphatrad UK are instructed to treat any document or medium entrusted to them as strictly confidential. All of our translators abide by ethical confidentiality rules.

  • Required language combination.
  • Language technicality.
  • The number of words.
  • The required format.

First and foremost, we will always give you an overall price for your translation project, provided, of course, that we are able to count the number of source words in the document you ask us to translate. So you will know exactly how much your project is going to cost before placing your order. This makes it easier for you to manage your translation budget.

With Alphatrad UK you can be sure that all translation work will always be carried out by translators working only in their native language. We firmly believe that only native translators can render all the subtleties and idiomatic turns of phrase which are specific to a particular language or cultural environment.

With Alphatrad UK you can be sure that you will always receive your translation within the specified deadline. We are well aware that time is money in business, so we take great care to ensure that we keep our promises on turnaround times, especially if your translation is urgent.

The Priority option helps to match our turnaround times to your own requirements, even with large projects. You will always receive your translation in the same format, laid out in exactly the same way as the original version. Finally, after each order we regularly ask you for your opinion about the quality of our services.

It will be in the same format as the original document, so you will not need to reformat your translation. In order to do this we need you to send us your text as an electronic file so that it is technically possible for the work to be carried out using the requested format.

Although there is no additional charge for having your translation delivered as per an original Word or .txt format, in some cases you may be asked to pay a supplement, for instance when working with image formats in Photoshop, tables, illustrations, graphics, technical drawings, images, etc.

Those of our translators who specialise in a particular technical field have their own translation aids: terminology databases they have built up and enhanced over the years and as they have become more experienced, specialised glossaries, and technical dictionaries. The Internet also provides them with many very useful resources.

1. By online payment via our website

2. By bank transfer:
Bank details
Banco Sabadell, London Branch
Sabadell House, 120 Pall Mall, LONDON
IBAN: GB94 BSAB 6092 7004 7810 01
Sort Code: 60-92-70
Account No.: 04781001
Account holder: ALPHATRAD

3. Business clients can also settle their invoice by cheque, to be sent to: Alphatrad UK, Lincoln House, 300 High Holborn, LONDON WC1V 7JH.

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