Armenian is an ancient language, distinguished by its unique alphabet and numerous linguistic specificities. Today, translating texts into Armenian is particularly interesting, especially in view of the wide dispersion of Armenians throughout the world.  
As a small Eastern European country with four million inhabitants ...
Before being marketed internationally, all video games must be translated and adapted to the audience in the country concerned. This essential step is called "localisation". Translating video games also requires precise skills on the part of the translator, who must faithfully recreate the game's ‘universe’ and adapt to multiple different translation media.   How to translate a video game? The localisation and translation of a video game involves all the elements necessary to launch the product in a foreign country.
Nowadays, it is taken for granted that companies all over the world trade with each other and carry out financial transactions. Of course, this also applies to European companies, which not only deal with money from other countries, but also offer investment opportunities in their own country to companies based abroad.
The translation of contracts should be left to experts. Only experienced translators with specialist knowledge in this field can provide legally secure translations for both parties. Find out what you need to pay attention to.   The translation of contracts Speaking a foreign language fluently is one thing – drawing up a contract in another language is a completely different matter. Contracts require special wording even in your own mother tongue; if both parties speak different languages, the translation of the contract should be undertaken by a professional.