In the age of the Internet and globalisation, fluid communication across language barriers has never been more important. Translation is therefore essential in many international contexts: setting up operations abroad, internationalising your offer, communicating with multicultural partners... Whatever the sector concerned (medical, legal, financial...), or the type of service (translation, interpreting, voice dubbing...), Alphatrad UK has professionals working in over 100 languages, from the most widely spoken languages in the world to the rarest languages.

Translating a financial statement can be essential in many circumstances. However, because of the complexity and challenges associated with this type of document, it is important you have it translated by a seasoned professional translator who has the necessary expertise.  
Are you applying for an internship or a job in a company based in an English-speaking country? Discover our tips on how to translate your CV and cover letter into English.  
Have you created content in InDesign and want to have it translated? For this type of translation, it is important to follow a few steps before sending your file to the translator.  
To ensure the quality of a translation into English, or any other language, it is essential to use a professional native speaker who translates into their mother tongue. This is because a native translator has unique skills that are essential for a good translation. Why you should use a native English translator:  
Are you looking for a professional translator to help project your company onto the international stage? With the huge number of translators in the market, the first step is to recognise a good translator. Discover the five essential skills that every good translator must have.  
The use of Catalan in Catalonia is very widespread, both among the population and officially in local government. This is why translations and language services in Catalan are very important.  
Are you planning to translate your content into Turkish as part of the internationalisation of your business? Here, we take a look at the specificities of the language and the challenges of translating into Turkish.  
The finalisation of Brexit on 31 January 2020 has greatly shaken up the London banking community. Today, an increasing number of companies from the financial sector are relocating to France. For these British companies, this means adapting to a new country and a new language. Financial translation is therefore essential for them to be able to integrate and evolve in the French banking landscape.  
Basque (Euskera) is considered to be one of the oldest languages in Europe and also one of the most complex, as its roots are not common to any other known language. That is why translations and language services in Basque are so necessary.  
Modern Hebrew, the official language of the State of Israel, is currently spoken by nearly 10 million people in Israel and around the world. What are the peculiarities of the Hebrew language? When may a translation into Hebrew be necessary and who can be called upon to guarantee the quality of such a translation? We will tell you everything you need to know here.