In the age of the Internet and globalisation, fluid communication across language barriers has never been more important. Translation is therefore essential in many international contexts: setting up operations abroad, internationalising your offer, communicating with multicultural partners... Whatever the sector concerned (medical, legal, financial...), or the type of service (translation, interpreting, voice dubbing...), Alphatrad UK has professionals working in over 100 languages, from the most widely spoken languages in the world to the rarest languages.

Being a Project Manager in the translation industry means two days are never the same. It’s a role for those who enjoy being busy and can keep many balls in the air at once with the utter confidence they won’t drop any.   Responsibilities of a translation service Project Manager The overall remit of a Project Manager is to manage and coordinate the timely completion of translation projects.
Across the EU, international borders continue to open to allow easier business dealings. There are a number of newly formed countries, particularly in the eastern areas of Europe where conducting business may be a new experience which makes it even more crucial to know how to conduct business matters with industry peers. One country which is now looking to forge working relationships and grow their international presence is Serbia. If you have the opportunity to work with a Serbian company, here are some tips as to their business etiquette.  
Psychology is an academic subject which can be of help ...
Transporting any kind of goods across international boundaries brings a number of linguistic barriers. Documentation, the first language of the driver, the signage at the warehouse where the trucks arrive with their deliveries. These can all present communication issues which can arise when moving anything around the world.  
Everyone enjoys Christmas in their own way, but for each nation there are traditions which are a part of their national identity. Besides waiting for Father Christmas – or the equivalent of ones particular country, some parts of the world have specific individual customs which herald the festive season and celebrate the time to join in with family and friends bringing us together to socialise and acknowledge the festive season.  
Agricultural engineering is a specialised industry ...
With cotton, wool and silk being just three of the largest ...
Legal transcription can cover a range of areas such as conversations within a court environment or at the office of a solicitor. The job of a transcriber is to listen to recorded dialogue and then to type the audio content into a text copy. It can mean many hours of listening to court conversations and can be a laborious task, but is one which requires great accuracy as well as an excellent understanding of legal terminology and is a very important role in the legal world.
Over the last 10 years, the NHS has looked to outsource a number of previously in-house departments and services. One of these has been the creation of documents regarding patient notes from audio transcriptions.
Across Europe, home and business owners are switching in their thousands to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. There are attractive offers being made for those who convert in some countries, the chance to save money on utility bills and the environmental issue of reducing energy consumption and the opportunity to move partly or wholly off-grid. Whilst the equipment being sold to those who make the move to renewable energy may seem to be being supplied by companies in various EU countries, their source is now usually much further afield.