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Multilingual exchanges between different international players are commonplace in the world of finance, and often require the services of specialist professional translators, who will guarantee a faithful, high-quality translation. Financial translations also require an excellent knowledge of the terminology specific to the world of finance, a perfect understanding of the specifics of the original document (audit reports, risk analyses, financial reports, annual accounts, etc.), and great attention to detail: qualities and skills that we at Alphatrad UK are committed to offering you.


How to Translate Bank Documents
The translation of banking documents can be needed in many situations: an M&A operation, a fundraising event, a commercial partnership, an accounting service... Whatever the context, it is essential to use the services of a specialist professional translator.  
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How to translate a financial statement?
Translating a financial statement can be essential in many circumstances. However, because of the complexity and challenges associated with this type of document, it is important you have it translated by a seasoned professional translator who has the necessary expertise.  
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Financial Translation French
The finalisation of Brexit on 31 January 2020 has greatly shaken up the London banking community. Today, an increasing number of companies from the financial sector are relocating to France. For these British companies, this means adapting to a new country and a new language. Financial translation is therefore essential for them to be able to integrate and evolve in the French banking landscape.  
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Online banking in facts and figures
Classic online banking, which allows access to personal bank accounts via the Internet, was not invented in Silicon Valley but by a consumer bank in the Düsseldorf area. In the 1980s, this small bank made it possible for a person to view his own finances online for the very first time. It began with a self-service system in the bank's foyer, enabling its customers to access their accounts around the clock. The regionally limited service has now become a worldwide system that many people no longer want to do without.  
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Localisation website considerations for FinTech money transfer businesses
One of the rising stars of the financial sector in 2015 is the worldwide money transfer industry. With individuals and businesses tiring of paying large fees to traditional banks to send money around the globe, new online enterprises are now making it quick, easy, and inexpensive to use the latest technologies to have money transferred to a bank account in another country in minutes.
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