Financial translation: a necessity following Brexit

Financial Translation French

The finalisation of Brexit on 31 January 2020 has greatly shaken up the London banking community. Today, an increasing number of companies from the financial sector are relocating to France.

For these British companies, this means adapting to a new country and a new language. Financial translation is therefore essential for them to be able to integrate and evolve in the French banking landscape.


Translation in the banking sector

Since the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union, many City bankers have chosen to relocate to Paris, a particularly attractive destination for financial intermediaries.

According to Choose Paris Région, nearly 4,000 job relocations are currently being planned from the City to Paris, or more broadly to France. These relocations will certainly boost Parisian economic activity, but they will also require some adjustments on behalf of the parties involved to their new audience.

Translation of financial documents

Indeed, setting up in the Parisian financial sector means institutions and their employees will need to evolve and work in a new language. It is therefore essential for these institutions to translate financial documents such as reports and analyses on the financial markets, investment funds, annual accounts, audit reports, risk analyses, reports on share issues, etc., from English into French.

Translation of digital communication media

Setting up a company in a new country also brings with it the need to communicate effectively with new audiences through various digital channels.

Social networks and company websites will thus have to be translated into French for the local public, taking into account the specificities of the country's language and culture.


Why you should entrust your financial translations to professionals

Generally speaking, financial documents are complex and highly technical. Their translation therefore requires a great deal of care, precision and a sound knowledge of the language and the banking sector.

To do this, it is essential to use the services of a professional translator specialising in the financial and banking sector. The translator will have a good command of the sector's specific terminology and will know enough about the financial world to provide a result that is faithful to the original version and perfectly adapted to the target audience.

Translation in the banking sector obviously presents strategic challenges and a simple language error can have very damaging consequences for a company.


Alphatrad provides specialist translators

At Alphatrad, we offer multilingual financial translation services, with different areas of specialisation, including finance.

To translate your financial documents, whether in written, audio or video form, you will benefit from using the services of a specialist translator adapted to your needs, with expertise in the banking sector.

Other services, such as interpretation services, may also be necessary for your company, newly established in France, to communicate without barriers with local parties. By using our translation agency, Alphatrad, your company will benefit from having a qualified interpreter for remote or face-to-face interpreting.


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