Legal Translations

The translation of legal documents, whether they are articles of association, contracts, balance sheets, general terms and conditions, commercial invoices, the translation of the GDPR, or any other contractual or legal document, requires extensive knowledge of the law. This is because it is not just a question of translating, but also of adapting the original text accurately to represent the regulations in force in the country targeted by the translation. It is therefore essential to use legal translators with professional experience in the sector.


GDPR translation services requirements
Translating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) content is a delicate operation for all companies operating internationally. Indeed, the legal notices on the protection of personal data contained in a website or e-mail are bound by law. Every detail relating to the collection of data must be correctly formulated and translated.  
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Tips and Trends Translating International Online Shops
Over the last decade, online retailing has grown steadily at a rate of around five per cent per annum, with shops for clothing, electronics, and entertainment benefiting from this growth. Convenient shopping per click has long been part of everyday life for the younger generation, but lovers of classic shopping centres are also increasingly turning to online shopping due to new international developments.
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Legal translation Results of a survey
Being able to master one or more foreign languages is of great benefit to any lawyer, whether an additional language is needed for recruitment, career development, to help the development of their firm or improve their exchanges with foreign clients. Having an additional language can be particularly important in a global market that is becoming more accessible thanks to digital technology. Fortunately, there are solutions to assist those legal practitioners who are less experienced in foreign languages.  
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Why the translation of contracts belongs in the hands of experts
The translation of contracts should be left to experts. Only experienced translators with specialist knowledge in this field can provide legally secure translations for both parties. Find out what you need to pay attention to.   The translation of contracts Speaking a foreign language fluently is one thing – drawing up a contract in another language is a completely different matter. Contracts require special wording even in your own mother tongue; if both parties speak different languages, the translation of the contract should be undertaken by a professional.
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legal transcription service
Legal transcription can cover a range of areas such as conversations within a court environment or at the office of a solicitor. The job of a transcriber is to listen to recorded dialogue and then to type the audio content into a text copy. It can mean many hours of listening to court conversations and can be a laborious task, but is one which requires great accuracy as well as an excellent understanding of legal terminology and is a very important role in the legal world.
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