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The use of an interpreter is often essential when you need to communicate with various international partners. Using the expertise of a professional on-site or online interpreter (who is disciplined, and has clear and fluent pronunciation, etc.) allows you to communicate without limitations, beyond languages, with all your partners and multicultural teams. At Alphatrad UK, we are able to work in any context (company meetings, conferences, trade fairs, scientific presentations, etc.), either remotely (video-interpreting or telephone interpreting) or in person (consecutive or liaison interpreting).


All you need to know about legal interpreting
What is a legal interpreter’s role? When should you call on their services and what skills should they have? Here is an overview of what you need to know about the profession of legal interpretation.  
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Online interpreting – essential advantages
As a result of the Coronavirus crisis, video conferencing has noticeably gained in importance, particularly with regards to online interpreting, also known as distance interpreting, which is being used more and more by companies. This type of interpreting offers an effective and fast alternative for your multilingual exchanges. Here is an overview of the main advantages.  
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Consider telephone or video remote interpreting with Chinese business partners
As with all relationships, business partnerships are built on trust and mutual appreciation. Even if all those involved come from the same cultural background, this is not always easy and for business partners from different cultures, small misunderstandings are inevitable. There are quite big differences between the Chinese and European cultures and the way differences are handled can determine the success of the negotiations.
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The main advantages of telephone interpreting
Globalisation has become commonplace in many areas of life. In the business world in particular, contacts are spread all over the globe and communication with customers, suppliers, and business partners takes place via different channels. Direct conversation, however, still plays the most important role, because it enables you to make basic arrangements or clarify complex relationships quickly without roundabout communication or waiting for important answers.
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Consecutive interpreting London UK Europe
In consecutive interpreting, the translation takes place with a time lag. The interpreter takes notes during the original talk and translates the contents of the speech at the end. This makes it easier for listeners to understand the translated content or complex relationships presented in a foreign language. This form of translation is often used for speeches to give listeners the opportunity to hear the original version themselves, even if they do not speak the foreign language perfectly.
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