In the age of the Internet and globalisation, fluid communication across language barriers has never been more important. Translation is therefore essential in many international contexts: setting up operations abroad, internationalising your offer, communicating with multicultural partners... Whatever the sector concerned (medical, legal, financial...), or the type of service (translation, interpreting, voice dubbing...), Alphatrad UK has professionals working in over 100 languages, from the most widely spoken languages in the world to the rarest languages.

As a small Eastern European country with four million inhabitants, Georgia enjoys an ideal geographical location in the South Caucasus, at the interface between Europe and Asia and the border with Russia, Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. It is a multilingual country and a variety of languages is spoken there, including Georgian, the official language of the country.   Why should you translate your texts into Georgian? In recent years, tourism has increased: the number of visitors rose from 5.3 million in 2013 to 8.6 million in 2018.
Iceland is located in the far north of Europe, and although it’s the second largest island state; it’s the least populated country with less than 500,000 inhabitants. Icelanders' standard of living has been among the highest for years compared to the rest of the world, even though Iceland is a divided country.
Before being marketed internationally, all video games must be translated and adapted to the audience in the country concerned. This essential step is called "localisation". Translating video games also requires precise skills on the part of the translator, who must faithfully recreate the game's ‘universe’ and adapt to multiple different translation media.   How to translate a video game? The localisation and translation of a video game involves all the elements necessary to launch the product in a foreign country.
The translation of contracts should be left to experts. Only experienced translators with specialist knowledge in this field can provide legally secure translations for both parties. Find out what you need to pay attention to.   The translation of contracts Speaking a foreign language fluently is one thing – drawing up a contract in another language is a completely different matter. Contracts require special wording even in your own mother tongue; if both parties speak different languages, the translation of the contract should be undertaken by a professional.
The mechanical engineering sector continues to be an important export sector for many European countries. Manufacturers are obliged to provide important documents such as safety sheets, manuals, and operating instructions for their own subsidiaries and customers abroad in their respective national language.   Technical translations must be free of errors The mechanical engineering industry is highly competitive – communication and translation errors can have consequences.
On an almost daily basis, new buildings shoot up, listed buildings are restored, or smaller constructions expanded. A variety of norms and standards are involved in the implementation of large projects like this, all of which will already have been considered at the tendering stage. International shareholders and companies operating across borders must be equipped for this.
Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2; coronavirus disease 2019) is a virus that first appeared in China in 2019. The virus belongs to the strain of coronaviruses, which usually infect certain mammals or birds and normally only cause mild colds in humans. However, viruses can change (mutate) and adapt to new conditions. In the case of normal influenza viruses, experts are always assessing future mutations and developing vaccines before the start of the new influenza season to combat the most likely changes.
Most people associate Chernobyl and Fukushima with the biggest nuclear power plant accidents in history and the consequences of the disasters are still being felt today. Although more and more alternative energy provision options are being proposed, nuclear reactors are still indispensable energy suppliers. But which countries have operational reactors and where are most of them located?  
The term ‘work-life balance’ defines the relationship between work and private life. If both are in harmony with each other, you have a perfect work-life balance. The BLI (Better Life Index) is measured using criteria defined by the OECD which includes housing conditions, education, the environment, health and perceived life satisfaction. The scale for evaluating life satisfaction ranges from zero to ten.  
City trips are popular traditional short breaks, with more and more travellers opting for a city trip especially in spring and early summer. Various developments in recent years have led to a real boom, with Airbnb providing inexpensive accommodation in metropolitan centres and cheap flights allowing for a laid-back and pleasurable journey. The number of overnight stays in major cities clearly shows which cities are particularly popular.