In the age of the Internet and globalisation, fluid communication across language barriers has never been more important. Translation is therefore essential in many international contexts: setting up operations abroad, internationalising your offer, communicating with multicultural partners... Whatever the sector concerned (medical, legal, financial...), or the type of service (translation, interpreting, voice dubbing...), Alphatrad UK has professionals working in over 100 languages, from the most widely spoken languages in the world to the rarest languages.

A poor translation of your professional document can have legal and economic consequences. The meaning of each word counts. To avoid the risk of lawsuits or financial losses linked to a poor quality translation, trust a team of experienced translators.  
The US online mail-order company Amazon now offers traders all over the world a comprehensive service designed to make selling all kinds of products child's play.
Pharmaceutical translation, as its name suggests, specialises in the conversion of documents related to medicines, pharmacological studies, technical manuals, etc., from one language to another.
Today, there are many online automatic translation systems that allow you to convert texts from one language to another straightaway. However, the quality of the result cannot be compared to that of a translation agency, especially if a language as complex as Chinese is involved.  
The Netherlands is not among the top five most densely populated countries in Europe, yet in 2019 it was the third most populous digital EU economy. With a continuous growth of about five percentage points per year, online commerce turnover in the Netherlands will exceed 20 million euros in a few years, with only about 13 million users. This is due to the expansion of the Internet in the Netherlands, which guarantees almost nationwide 4G mobile coverage with four networks available in the country.
Medical translation presents specific challenges and requires highly targeted skills on the part of the translator. This is especially true for translations of medical notes. These handwritten documents alone represent a major challenge for translators, hence the importance of using a specialised professional who is familiar with this type of service.  
Translating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) content is a delicate operation for all companies operating internationally. Indeed, the legal notices on the protection of personal data contained in a website or e-mail are bound by law. Every detail relating to the collection of data must be correctly formulated and translated.  
Social media nowadays is an integral part of a company’s communication strategy. Companies with an international presence and a multicultural audience must ensure that they deliver multilingual content, adapted to the language of their audience. However, translating social network content presents specific challenges.  
The translation of a website is an essential step when an activity, brand or company wants to expand internationally. Content translated into your customers‘ language will not only increase your visibility, but will also significantly increase the number of visitors and prospects. Should you choose machine translation or manual translation? Learn about the two options to find out which type of translation of a website or home page is best suited to provide Internet users with content tailored to their needs.  
Today, most products come with technical documents to assist the buyer with installation, use, and maintenance. In addition to the mandatory instructions required by law, customers want detailed instructions that can answer common questions about the product in a few minutes and help with minor problems without having to contact the manufacturer directly. Clear wording and well-structured sections make it easier to find the information users are looking for, and short presentations and sample applications are easy ways to make a user feel at ease.