In the age of the Internet and globalisation, fluid communication across language barriers has never been more important. Translation is therefore essential in many international contexts: setting up operations abroad, internationalising your offer, communicating with multicultural partners... Whatever the sector concerned (medical, legal, financial...), or the type of service (translation, interpreting, voice dubbing...), Alphatrad UK has professionals working in over 100 languages, from the most widely spoken languages in the world to the rarest languages.

In the third quarter of 2015, Facebook reported that over 1.5 billion people per month are active on the social network and even more than a billion browse through their timelines each day. Thus, Marc Zuckerberg's company is the undisputed number one of all of the social networks.
Translation expert Optilingua Group is proud to announce that September 2015 saw the opening of new offices in Rome and Turin.  
One of the rising stars of the financial sector in 2015 is ...
We all have literary favourites; books we read time ...
Translation makes the world turn; whether it’s for business ...
The internet is awash with photos of incorrect restaurant menu translations spotted at holiday hot spots which are sometimes very amusing to those who read them – but leave the restaurant owner probably unaware they have an error which looks unprofessional and only serves to diminish their reputation.  
Having the third largest agriculture and food sector in the world, Denmark is globally renowned for being the industry leader in evolving and developing the food industry. The nation exports to over 130 countries and this is down to excellent business research, collaborative partnerships and productive agriculture.  
With Traducta Netherlands, we now have a branch available locally for our customer translation requests in Amsterdam. Optilingua International is now represented in 12 European countries, with a recently opened  branch at 1101 CD Amsterdam, in Hogehilweg 16. You can request translation services via our email address
Many may say that Latin is a ‘dead language’ – but they are very wrong. Latin is in use in every day modern English and has influenced the way we speak since Roman times.   The origins of Latin Latin was first spoken by the Romans. It derives its name from Latium in Italy, the region the Romans lived in. With the Roman invasion, languages took on the influence of Latin and soon the Romance languages of Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian had very strong links and roots in the Latin language.