The top five longest words in the world

The top five longest words in the world

Did you know that the longest word in the world contains 190,000 letters? The following  is our list of the five longest words in the world:


  1. An English word of 189, 819 letters 

The longest word in the world is the English term: "methionylthreonylthreonyl(...)isoleucine".

This term, which has no less than 189, 819 letters, is the chemical name of the largest protein: titin. It would take three hours to recite it from beginning to end! 


  1. A Sanskrit word of 195 characters


The second longest word in the world is a 195-character Sanskrit word (equivalent to 428 letters in the Latin alphabet).

It is a word that has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest word in the world. It first appeared in the 16th century in a book written by Queen Tirumalãmbã, and is actually a description of a region in India called Tamil Nadu.


  1. An Afrikaans word of 136 letters

The third longest word is this 136-letter Afrikaans word:


Roughly translated, it means 'a press conference on a speech by a trade union official at a used car dealership about a strike'.

Afrikaans is a Germanic language derived from Dutch, and is one of the eleven official languages of South Africa.


  1. A New Zealand word with 85 letters

This is the fourth longest word in the world:


This is actually the name of a hill in New Zealand. Its translation is: "The peak where Tamatea, the man with the big knees, the surveyor, the mountain climber, the walker who travelled here, played his flute to his beloved."

Consisting of 85 letters, this word is the longest place name in the world in the Latin alphabet. It has also been included in the Guinness Book of Records.


  1. An Icelandic word with 64 letters


This Icelandic word of 64 letters is the fifth longest in the world. It is literally translated as follows: 

"A ring on a key ring for the outer door of the tool shed used by road maintenance workers on Vaðlaheiði hill.”


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