Translation services: government and public sector

Translation services government and public sector

Specialisations for the public sector

In order to meet the needs of a multicultural population, forms and information from ministries and public authorities must always be offered and administered in a variety of languages. Alphatrad has been supporting companies and authorities from all public sector areas with their foreign language communications for 40 years. These include a wide variety of public corporations and foundations, government agencies, municipal and city offices, chambers of commerce and industry, and educational institutions such as universities.

Alphatrad ensures compliance with regulatory requirements through systematic quality management, seeing to it that all the special features of the different areas are taken into account and that the consistency of the content is guaranteed even when there are tight timescales. The variety of texts translated by Alphatrad range from business correspondence, press releases and annual reports, to legal matters such as contracts, written pleadings and other public service documents (invitations to tender, for example).


Certified translations

Alphatrad translators provide certified translations for submission to authorities and courts. Our European-wide branch office network guarantees that documents which are intended for government agencies or public institutions outside the UK are legally certified, so that they comply with the respective laws of the destination countries. 


Documents that are often translated for government and public sector institutions include:

I. Information material

  • Ministry and public authority websites
  • Brochures and forms
  • Public announcements
  • Press releases
  • Invitations to tender
  • Lectures and presentations

II. Legal area

  • Company agreements, meeting and negotiation protocols
  • Summons, pleadings, court decisions, affidavits
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Audit and expert reports
  • Bankruptcy records and documents
  • Commercial register excerpts
  • Articles of association

III. Finance and accounting

  • Balance sheets as well as profit and loss accounts
  • Texts on financial controlling, calculation and bookkeeping
  • Annual, interim and business reports
  • Tax regulations

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