English <> Turkish translations

Does your company want to increase its reach and operate on the international market? Would you like your website texts, marketing materials, and product descriptions to be available in multiple languages, so that new customers can access your services easily?


Our translation agency only works with native speakers and we provide timely, professional translations in various language combinations:

  • English <> Turkish translation services London UKEnglish <> Turkish
  • German <> Turkish
  • Spanish <> Turkish
  • Italian <> Turkish
  • French <> Turkish
  • and others

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Useful information about the Turkish language

Approximately 65 million people speak Turkish as their native language. Turkish is the official language of Turkey and is also the official language of the unrecognised state of Northern Cyprus. It is also locally considered to be an official language in Romania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. There are a whole range of dialects, but the Istanbul dialect forms the basis of modern standard Turkish. The vowel harmony of the Turkish language distinguishes between back vowels and front vowels. As a rule, native Turkish words contain either only back vowels or only front vowels. This vowel harmony and the suffixes are also the reason behind words that have multiple endings with the same vowel.

The Latin alphabet was introduced in the course of comprehensive reforms in 1928 and, since the foundation of the Turkish Republic five years previously, foreign loanwords have been replaced by newly formed Turkish words. This trend away from the Turks’ Islamic and Ottoman past is still continuing. You can find more interesting details about the Turkish language on Wikipedia.