Proofreading and editing services in Dutch

Proofreading and editing services in Dutch

The history and development of the Dutch language has some peculiarities. Between 600 and 1100, there is evidence to show that Lower Franconian dialects came together to form a kind of Old Dutch. The modern Dutch standard language developed from the 16th century onwards and today about 26 million people speak Dutch as their mother tongue. The Flemish language, which is spoken mainly in the northern part of Belgium, must be distinguished from this. In writing, the differences are rather small, but in the use of vocabulary and pronunciation the differences are sometimes much clearer.


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Our experts are experienced native speakers, who work on newspapers and brochures for companies as well as CVs and other documents. In this way, we can guarantee the best possible results.


Proofreading in Dutch

We prefer to work with native speakers from the Netherlands in order to deliver the most accurate results possible. The proofreading of your Dutch texts includes checking for grammatical errors and inconsistencies in spelling. Stylistically, your text remains unaffected by our corrections.


Editing in Dutch

Editing in Dutch includes proofreading spelling and grammar, as well as editing the writing style. Your texts will be comprehensively checked and we will adapt the stylistic subtleties for you.


Would you like to have your Dutch texts revised by us?

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