Proofreading and editing services in English

Proofreading and editing services in English

The history and development of the English language began in the middle of the fifth century. Today, more than 500 million people worldwide speak English as their mother tongue, or regularly use it as a second language. English is a commonly spoken language in the global marketplace in international business dealings.


Would you like help proofreading texts in British or American English?

Our experienced and competent team has years of experience in proofreading and editing texts such as company brochures, magazines, legal texts, CVs and other documents. In our proofreading office, we not only check spelling and grammar, but also, if desired, put finishing touches to the style of the text.


Proofreading in English

Would you like to preserve the style of your text? Proofreading in British or American English does not affect the style of the text as such, and only includes checking for spelling and grammatical errors.


Editing in English

Do you want a complete revision of your text? In addition to proofreading services, our editing service will also provide you with a stylistic revision and adaptation of your text. We use native speakers in order to guarantee the best possible feel for the language.


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