Precise Translations in the Field of Pharmacy are Important Sources of Information

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All over the world, research laboratories are working on new medications and companies bring their products to market in the form of tablets, powders, or aerosols. The patient information leaflets contain important information for the doctor, the pharmacist, and the patient. Along with dosing recommendations, they also include warnings and information about possible side effects and contraindications. English, as the international professional language of medicine, forms the foundation on which translators correctly use various technical terms and are able to correctly amend slight deviations in professional terminology.  


Good Products Gain Value Through Precise Translations

A new, effective medication against a disease is not just a company’s calling card, but also shows how strongly it is dedicated to making progress. It often takes decades of research and multiple studies before an active ingredient in a medication can be approved and the costs for this entire process are not just passed along in the purchase price. You can attempt to save money in some areas, but anyone who does this with translations is taking a route that could have serious consequences for some patients. The more precisely the information can be reproduced in the target language; the lower the risk is that there will be incorrect interpretations. Professionally undertaken pharmaceutical translations provide for clear and accurate information.


Companies and Patients Profit from Exact Translations in Pharmaceuticals

Along with precise formulations for dosing instructions, well-formulated contraindications in the patient information leaflets are enormously important. Which previously existing illnesses contraindicate the use of a medication and which side effects can occur are important basic information for both the doctor and the patient.

Complications from incorrectly prescribed medications because of incorrect information and increasing incidences of medical mistakes because of imprecise translation are occurring all over the world. Health insurance providers are complaining about the rising numbers of treatment errors and every 20th medical mistake is based on incorrect information from patient files, patient information leaflets, or incorrect interpretation of studies in a foreign language.

We employ specially trained staff who are familiar with medical and/or pharmaceutical professional terminology and can guarantee a high degree of current knowledge thanks to continuing and advanced training. 

Contact us and we will develop individual solutions for your projects and support you in the translation of medical documents, studies, packaging inserts, and reports from a variety of languages. 


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