Translations and software localisations for the consumer electronics industry

Technical Translations consumer electronics industry

Mobile phones, IPods, MP3 players, organisational tools, GPS devices, devices for satellite radio and other high-tech products in consumer and popular electronics have been developed and researched continuously worldwide before they can produce the latest marvels of technology onto the market. And soon there will be optimised devices … − there is continuous change and improvement and due to the increased competitive solution, the machine manufacturers are permanently under pressure to perform. The focus is on the user experience, the introduction of new functions, the reduction of the sales price. At the same time, more and more consumers have to be reached faster and faster ... these are big developments during the development and production process. In order to reduce the costs as soon as possible, the content of the software (user interface, help  and documentation) and websites are simultaneously localised in different languages, translated and introduced on the appropriate markets. At the back-end, there are more and more changes, manufacture is relocated to new locations to be produced  with lower labour costs. To ensure profits, global companies are investing in effective communication in several languages so that the brand image, the consistency and the quality check can be maintained always and everywhere.


Significant specialised knowledge in the area of specialised translations and the localisation of consumer and popular electronics

We have worked as a partner company in the industry for consumer and popular electronics for a long time. Our translation company helps companies to localise and position their devices and machines for markets worldwide - this is because we can translate your manuals, documents and information texts in more than 100 languages. We offer you customised and complete solutions for localisation with a high level of cost efficiency with short processing times. To do this, we guarantee persistent perfection and quality with our method because we have specialised in always preparing precise translations which are always faithful to the original. Our customers supply high-quality, high performance equipment and we provide the linguistic basis. This is the only way to achieve a successful overall result.   


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