Professional translations English - Russian

Our translation agency offers you professional translations from English to Russian and vice versa for all text types and volumes.

Russian is of particular importance to the UK, with the two sides working to double UK exports to £1 trillion by 2020. We can assist you within the main export areas of the UK into Russia, by translating your documentation to meet the legal and cultural requirements of the target country.

Translation Services London UK RussianWe provide you with translations of: marketing material, import/export documentation, websites, and product information. In addition t o the language combination of English <> Russian  we also supply the following:

  • French <> Russian
  • Russian <> German
  • Russian <> Spanish
  • and many more!


Interesting facts about Russian:

Russian is the most widely spoken Slavonic language and is in addition to English, Spanish and French, also considered to be a world language. This is because it was a mandatory language in the schools of Eastern Europe during the period of the Cold War, for this reason the language is still widespread today. Russian together with Byelorussian and Ukrainian are in the group of eastern Slavonic languages and is spoken by 300 to 400 million people, of whom some 200 million are native speakers.

This language uses the Cyrillic alphabet and is mostly the official language in many successor states of the USSR, in particular in the Central Asian republics such as Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, but also in south-eastern Europe's Moldova. Russian is also strongly represented in numerous countries such as Germany as well as traditional immigration countries for example the US and Israel.