English <> Danish translations

We undertake professional translations of websites, manuals, brochures, and more from English into Danish and vice versa.

Does your company want to operate on an international level with a multilingual presence to win new potential customers? Are you looking for a reliable partner for translating your website content, product descriptions, or marketing materials?

English <> Danish translation servicces London UKWe offer professional translations in technical fields, the marketing sector, and for online media, in a diverse range of language combinations:

  • English <> Danish 
  • German <> Danish 
  • Spanish <> Danish 
  • Italian <> Danish 
  • French <> Danish 
  • And many other combinations

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Useful information about the Danish language

Danish forms the East Scandinavian branch of the Germanic languages along with Swedish. Danish is the official language of Denmark, although this is not established in writing anywhere, and is the native language of about 5 million Danes. There are also some native Danish speakers in Norway, Sweden, Canada, and Argentina, but the language was not able to establish itself in the former Danish colonies in the East and West Indies and only a few fortress and place names in Danish are left from this time.

In addition to the Imperial Danish written language, there are many dialects, some of which are very different from each other. However, the dialects are increasingly in decline, and most Danes speak a variant of the standard language with regional characteristics. An exception to this, however, is “Copenhagian”, which has dominated the country for several decades and thus increasingly influences the standard language.

You can find additional information about the Danish language on Wikipedia