Legal Translation Services in Glasgow

Legal Translation Services in Glasgow, Scotland

Native-language professional translators specialising in legal translations

Our company in Glasgow offers the translation of legal texts as well as of specialist legal translations. We have had thousands of clients put their trust in us so far.

It is, without question, vital to translate a legal document accurately, so as not to allow ambiguity or improper wording.

For this reason, all texts of this nature are entrusted only to highly qualified legal translators who have had many years of experience translating legislation and legal processes.

The mastery of linguistic, country and culture-specific legal terminology for all areas of law and legislative systems (e.g. translations for French documents or specialist legal translations) is a matter of course in our work.


We frequently translate the following kinds of legal documents:

  • Contracts (leases, partnership agreements, sales-related agreements, employment-related agreements, distribution agreements, general business contracts, ...)
  • General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
  • Certificates
  • Joint Ventures
  • Letters of intent
  • Abstracts
  • Commercial invoices
  • Agreements
  • Authorisation documents
  • Legal releases
  • Complaints
  • Tax forms
  • Work permits
  • Declarations
  • Other documentation


We offer legal translation in the following areas of law:

  • Employment law
  • Banking and capital market law
  • Construction and architecture law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law
  • Industrial property law
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Information technology law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • International business law
  • Healthcare law
  • Rental and residential property law
  • Tax law
  • Criminal law
  • Transport and freight forwarding law
  • Copyright and media law
  • Procurement law
  • Traffic law
  • Insurance law


If you need an English to Spanish legal translation, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese or any other language, Alphatrad Glasgow (Scotland) offers it’s proven high quality services in over 100 languages and dialects.


You can request a free, no obligation quotation from us for our legal translation services. 

Drop us an email you’ll be surprised at the speed and quality of our service! You can also visit our FAQs page for more assistance.


Questions and answers about legal translation

It is difficult to say without examining the documents. The price of a legal translation in Glasgow depends on several factors, including the language, complexity, and length of the source text.

Yes, because even the smallest project consists not only of the translation itself, but also consists of other work, such as writing emails, issuing invoices, and answering questions. The minimum price for a legal translation depends on several factors, including the language and the delivery time.

Of course they will be treated confidentially. If you wish, we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Simply contact us using the online form, or by email, together with the documents, or information about the volume and type of documents to be translated and the delivery date you require. We will contact you immediately and provide you with an estimate.

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