Reports and prospectuses about investment funds

Reports and prospectuses about investment funds translation services

An investment fund is understood to be an asset consisting of the deposits of a variable number of savers, the so-called fund unitholders.

A fund invests the deposits collectively in various financial assets in compliance with predetermined guidelines. In this case, each investor owns a part of the fund assets.

The result of the investment is allocated proportionately as an increase or decrease in the assets of the fund unitholders. The development of these funds is explained in fund prospectuses.

These documents have a fixed structure, and are different from other documents in the financial sector. The fund prospectuses begin first of all with a description of the general environment in which the company operates. In this way, all the most important information relating to the fund is conveyed virtually simultaneously in the documents.

The prospectuses also provide details regarding the types of shares to which the fund refers, the transactions that shareholders can perform with them, as well as the dividends, taxes, and commissions that are accrued or incurred by them.


Translation of fund prospectuses

The translation of fund prospectuses represents a key aspect for investment funds. The work of the translator and/or specialist translation agency represents a communication tool for both the general public, to whom these documents are directed, and to the readership that are only indirectly affected.

The translation is also necessary to present the information on the respective investment fund to the shareholders in an appropriate manner, in order to avoid misunderstandings and to promote success and confidence in the funds.

In addition, the translation of fund prospectuses is an important means for these companies to build on and improve their public image. Thanks to translation, the development, objectives, and principles of the investment fund provide the necessary information to instil confidence in the readers, therefore improving their perception of the fund.


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