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Shares are securities issued by companies.

Companies provide a share in their capital, which is generally understood to mean co-administration and property rights, entitling the owner (shareholder) to a right to vote at the general meeting of the company and to a share in its profits.

Shares are a form of investment and the return for the owner depends on the stock market performance of the company. The role of share analysis is to assess this performance.

These analyses are based on forecasts of future earnings and dividends. Although capital is transferred with the purchase of shares in a company, this amount does not bear interest. Shares represent an instrument that can be sold in the future at a higher price than the amount initially paid, so as to generate a return.


Translation of share analyses

The share price of a company depends on the company's development over time. The sales price also depends on the financial situation of the company at this time, whereby gains or losses are realised on the capital invested. There are also other factors independent of the financial situation, which have an effect on the price.

Share reports are intended to assess the development of companies and the value of their shares, as well as examine which factors directly or indirectly influence their value. The translation of these is important to understand the data and communicate the content to all shareholders.

Share analyses must be translated by specialists so as to preserve quality. These skilled and specialised translators must have sufficient knowledge of the vocabulary and the financial jargon of the company to which these reports refer, and of the public to which they are directed.

Translators must therefore preserve the sense of the words of the authors of share analysis reports, because even though the translators cannot censor the information already made available to each user, their interpretations have different effects on the performance of the respective companies.


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