The translation of web pages. A worthwhile service?

Translation Web Pages Benefits

The arrival of the Internet, and its generalised use and application in all sectors of society are a fact of life. Thus, at the present time, eight out of ten firms have a web page that acts as their very own window to the world. This is why it needs to be translated into the languages used by its target audience, the public that its business wishes to address.

But you, as reader, and perhaps as owners or managers of businesses, may not have discovered the benefits of a translation of a web page. For this reason, we will explain below in detail the benefits that this service will generate for firms that opt for it, along with its main features and characteristics.   

Firstly, we are referring to a service, the translation of web pages, which offers tremendous sales opportunities. The advantages of buying a product must be understood before it will be bought, which no one will do if it is not useful. This is why, by having its product or service offerings translated, a firm will promote the clear understanding of the advantages it offers, making it stand out from the crowd.

In the same way, having the web page of your organisation translated will improve the latter’s corporate image. By offering the possibility of accessing its contents in different languages, you ensure that your corporate values are communicated to a multitude of markets. Consequently, it will generate added value for your organisation, since customers of international markets will access your catalogue in the same conditions as those in your domestic market.  

Thirdly, and perhaps for many the most important point, you should not forget that the translation reduces the costs of a company and the business transactions in which it is involved. In fact, since customers will understand the advantages of using your products and services, the business will save the amounts intended, for instance, for customer service or technical support.

When firms have understood the benefits of having their web pages translated, they will then need to know whether all their web pages or just some should be translated. Although it is recommended to choose the first option, it is possible that an organisation may prefer to have only some parts of its digital content translated, the parts that highlight the products and services that are offered on the international market.

Thus, opting to have only a few key pages translated is an alternative for firms with tight budgets. In the same way, you should take into account whether you are going to translate the web content with or without tags, and whether you are going to have the graphics that it contains translated. All this is important when determining the budget for the translation service and the benefits that you hope to reap by having a translation of a web page.

In addition to the benefits that have already been mentioned, we must underline the importance of the firm’s positioning in search engines and the visits to the web page that this will generate and increase. This will all lead to benefits for the business at online level.


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