Bulgaria’s Businesses Gear Up

Doing Business in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Translators

€80 million is to flood into the modernisation of various production operations in Bulgaria in the coming months; European providers are more than welcome to participate in these innovative and interesting projects.

Bulgaria has a lot to offer: Amongst other things, it is one of the most important export countries for grain to be used in muesli, for example. Additionally, Bulgaria has become the 2nd largest exporter of coriander seed, sunflower seeds, duck meat and preserved cherries world-wide. Another important branch of the Bulgarian economy is automobile parts, especially the manufacturing  of airbags. High quality skis and snowboards are also produced in the country.

Bulgaria’s small and medium-sized companies have not quite reached the same levels of productivity as their EU competitors. However, since the need of investment is enormous, the EU has approved specific subsidies meant to “help  companies  find their feet”, the subsidies will be used to assist in the production of high-quality goods. The focus is on entire plants, equipment and devices for manufacturing:

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical base products
  • Computers
  • Electronic equipment
  • Machines
  • Motor vehicles
  • Trailers and other transportation equipment.


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