You need to be well prepared for business trips to foreign countries

You need to be well prepared for business trips to foreign countries

Travelling carries risks. However, employees can take steps to prevent risks, even if epidemics and natural catastrophes, political unrest and terror attacks are not completely calculable.

Being secure in foreign countries

Preparation is everything when travelling and employees should take care of the following before a trip:

  • Unlocking their work mobile phone for use in foreign countries
  • Making sure they have 24-hour availability – via app or telephone
  • Reviewing insurance protection for medical treatment, daily allowance in the event of inability to work, pension benefits in the event of inability to pursue employment and capital payment in the event of death
  • Insuring work trips to crisis regions with insurance against terrorism and the risk of war
  • If necessary, insuring return transportation with the health insurance provider in the foreign country
  • Planning for strikes and political unrest – from dealing with delays or planning a quick departure


Packing essentials

This list shows what needs to be packed, other than personal belongings and work material:

  • The original and a copy of: personal identification, passport, international driver’s licence, visa, flight and train ticket, hotel booking receipt, health insurance and company credit card
  • Current trip information and warnings for the country of destination and for countries that are passed through in transit
  • Addresses of embassies and consulates
  • Information on health risks – such as the risk of epidemics
  • A means to translate unknown languages, either in the form of a mobile app or a classic pocketbook