Processed food preparation; translation needed for a great bake

Food Translation

Processed foods are often manufactured and exported to a number of nations. From central factories the ingredients or ready-made meals are shipped to customers across borders to be eaten by hungry shoppers who want a quick fix for their lunch or dinner.

If the preparation instructions aren’t in a language that can be understood however, a relaxing and speedy to make microwave meal, can become a nightmare and quite possibly a wasted purchase.


Easy to understand instructions

Processed foods often need to be heated at a certain temperature for a set amount of time. It’s important that the instructions are understood, so the food can be enjoyed at its best, but it’s also a matter of food hygiene and health and safety. No manufacturer wants to hear that a customer has fallen unwell because of cooking a meal incorrectly, but if the localised language isn’t included on the packaging, then it can be a case of guesswork.


International world of food

Many food items have a variety of destinations and the preparation guidelines will often only be in the language of the country of origin or perhaps one other. This can make it difficult for many to know what to do when they buy the food and even if there are symbols such as showing an oven or microwave, these in themselves are not universal and so may not solve the issue.

Packaging should be printed in the national languages of the countries the product is to be transported to; not only will it mean safe preparation but will boost sales. If it’s not possible to understand how to make the food, few are likely to add the product to the shopping trolley in the supermarket.


Professional translation is the key

When packaging is being devised, liaising with a professional translation service means the instructions can be created in any language required. They will be accurate and read in a natural way, which means the food manufacturer can look forward to enjoying an enhanced profile in their target markets.


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