Translation agencies in USA and Luxembourg

The Alphatrad Group enters new markets, opening offices in the USA and Luxembourg.

The Alphatrad Group is widening its global presence, opening the subsidiary ‘Alphatrad North America’ in the USA and a sales office in Luxembourg. These two new markets signify a growth both in the number of agencies and the expansion of services for its growing number of clients. The agencies in North America are located in the East of the country in New York, New Jersey, Atlanta (Georgia) and Charlotte, Hickory DC (North Carolina) and Miami (Florida).

Alphatrad North America opened to business and went on-line on the 19th September. This new subsidiary allows European companies with business in the USA (and vice versa) to have access to quality translation services both in Europe and North America.

In other news, the new office in Luxembourg will boost the Alphatrad Group’s presence in Europe. As one of the most important commercial and financial centres, it represents a strategic point, situated in the heart of Europe.

Alphatrad’s network of offices already extends throughout Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and now, the USA and Luxembourg. Recently opened offices in Guimarães (Portugal) and Alicante (Spain) add to this growing list of Alphatrad locations.

Alphatrad continues growing and reaching closer to its clients, wherever they may be, offering you a quality, responsive service at a competitive price, counting on a network of native translators which work in almost all of the world’s languages.


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