5 Tips for international search engine advertising

Tips for international search engine advertising

Search engine advertising works nearly everywhere in the world, however, there are a few fundamental differences that affect the success of paid advertisements. If you want to start international SEA campaigns, you should know these differences and take them into account in your planning.

Here are a few important tips for creating an international campaign.

Tip 1 – Define the target market & potential

Products or services that sell well in our country can be completely unknown in Poland. The first step is therefore to define the target market and its potential.

Tip 2 – Make linguistic adjustments to suit the customer

In many countries, English is taught as a second language and it is assumed that approximately 1.5 billion people understand and speak English. Despite this, it is worth talking to the target group in its native language and adjusting the service in this regard; you will come across as more trustworthy and professional.

Tip 3 – Account for differences in holiday and bank holiday dates

Differences in holiday dates should be taken into account for international SEA campaigns.

Tip 4 – Be aware of different search engines

For us, Google is the dominant search engine, but people use Baidu for searches in China, and Yandex is the first choice in Russia, rather than Google. When planning an international SEA campaign, you should be aware of the search habits in the various countries, in order to avoid divergence losses.

Tip 5 – Keep an eye on the competition

The actions of co-advertisers provide useful ideas for SEA campaigns. Are you using top-generic-keys, and via which longtails are you trying to reach your customers? If you can stand out from the competition, you can create your own market niche and thus achieve success in the long term.


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