Opportunities for freelance voice-over artists, transcribers, and subtitling professionals

Jobs for voice-over artists, transcribers, subtitling professionals

We are always looking for experienced freelance collaborators, typing pools, or recording studios to expand our network of language professionals.


Who are we looking for?


Voice-over artists

We are always looking for new, professional voice-over artists. Representative and professional speech samples are especially important for applications. If you are an experienced and motivated freelance voice-over artist with solid professional experience, you can also be part of our team.

We are currently particularly interested in experienced native speakers of English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Danish. Applications for other languages ​​are also welcome, of course.


Transcription professionals

Your range of tasks may include transcribing interviews, lectures, and group discussions and textualising specialist conference and lecture recordings with multiple speakers.

Your profile

  • You have experience in textualising audio files with more than one speaker.
  • You have excellent writing skills.
  • You will have a broad general knowledge and interest in a variety of fields.
  • You should also ideally have experience in researching topics, spellings, and technical terms.
  • Your profile should be rounded out by independent, conscientious, and responsible working practices.

We are particularly interested in native English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Danish transcribers. Applications for other languages ​​are also welcome, of course.


Subtitle editing professionals

We are looking for subtitling professionals in various languages to provide subtitles for all common video and film formats using modern technologies.



Then we look forward to receiving your application! Please apply by submitting your relevant documents via our online application portal www.duction.com.

Thank you for understanding that we can only process digital applications (for voice-over artists, this includes speech samples) that can be sent via the online application tool mentioned above.

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