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Seven pieces of marketing material that should always be translated


Pushing your marketing message out there is one thing, having it heard by the intended audience is another thing. In a crowded business world, translating your marketing material could make the difference between your message being taken on board and acted upon, or ignored in favour of a competitor.

Here are seven essential pieces of marketing material you need to translate to enhance your business.

Annual Report

The showpiece document of the year for every business is the Annual Report.  Targeted squarely at the commercial sector, it’s the prime opportunity to use this reflective piece of work to market the company and to report all success stories. If not translated, it could easily go straight into the bin if received by a busy company head who does not understand the language in which it is delivered.

Company brochure

Attending trade fairs is part of the annual calendar of the majority of companies. Often they are in markets in which there’s a desire to enter and taking along the company brochure, gives those interested the chance to read about products and services. If it hasn’t been translated into the local language, a prime opportunity to market the company is wasted.


The translation of a company website should be the priority for any localisation strategy. It’s the online marketing jewel in the crown and to not localise means that target audiences won’t be interested and will instead turn to competitors.


An infographic crystallises a large amount of information into an easy to read and understood image. Sharing it using social media platforms means marketing messages can be spread around the world. If the infographic is targeted at a specific market though and the language can’t be understood, the image alone will be meaningless.

Press releases

Press releases should be available in a range of languages for any company with a global audience. Don’t ever assume that all journalists can read and understand English; if you want column inches then speak to those with the power to print in a language they can understand.

Business cards

Every networking scenario in a face-to-face situation is a marketing opportunity. Offering a business card is the usual way to end a conversation, but if your company is looking to make inroads into a market where English isn’t widely spoken, having business cards in the local language will mean they’re much more likely to be kept for future reference.

Event leaflets

To promote specific events, leaflets are usually printed and distributed to a whole range of companies, agencies, community locations, and individuals. Providing them in a language which can be understood as well as with accompanying images which are culturally relevant, means they will be more likely to be picked up by passing members of the public.

If you need an audit of your marketing materials in relation to exactly what requires translating and why it will be of benefit, talk to our translation company in London. Using localisation experts and native speaking translators, we can help your business to rise through the competition in your local markets.