Research and development as a motor for company success

The launch of new products is an exciting and vital process for every company that wants to distinguish itself on the world market. Research and development are therefore the most important action along with investment strategies, without which an effective and efficient positioning on the market is hardly possible. However, it is normally only large companies that apply this fundamental program to a new production line. This does not just concern Germany – in other industrial countries this projecting process is often neglected in advance. 


The importance of specialist translations to/from German

Renowned German companies, which have had clear success globally, invested 8.4 per cent more in this area of the business last year – specifically: 52.45 billion. This record level has been calculated by the German Association for Science - Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft – based on the evaluation of business reports issued by 100 internationally-active large German corporations. The automobile sector, at +9%, and machine engineering, at +9.4%, were ahead of the pharmaceutical industry at +5.4%.

The automobile groups VW, Daimler and BMW as well as the machine engineering producers Bosch and Siemens invested the most capital and their whole know-how for research and development. As a result the respective foreign language required is an important instrument for product launches in both sectors. Our foreign language experts have specialised in these sectors, as well as other specialist areas. Professional specialist translations, not just to or from German, are the prerequisite for acting on world markets and being able to reach the target audience. On request we will happily help you to forge a worldwide bridge!


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