Translated copy – where editing and proof reading hold the key

Translated copy – where editing and proof reading hold the key

The use of written copy is used across the internet for the content marketing strategy for any company which recognises the importance of raising their brand profile, instilling trust and respect from customers and industry peers and raising their website ranking on search engines through the use of SEO keywords and phrases.

There are many times however where a business has locations in more than one country and as part of their localisation policy translates the content so it can be read by customers and site visitors in different parts of the world. In these instances, the use of an experienced editor and proof reader are the key people who can check that the translation is not only correct but that the grammar is excellent. On top of this comes the responsibility of thinking about countries where a language is spoken which is the national language of another nation. One example is German which is also spoken in Austria and Switzerland.


The skill of an excellent editor and proof reader

Those editors and proofers who work within translation of content and hold the most experience will know that if translating between languages where there are linguistic nuances, they will be aware of what to look for. Using German as the example, whilst it is generally very similar in everyday use in Austria and Switzerland, there are some differences for certain words and phrases.


Working with those who know their language nuances

Companies who need content copy translating should look to use a professional translation service where native speakers are used for the work. This means that the team member allocated the project will know all the subtle differences required as well as being able to provide accurate translation which reads naturally to those who speak the language. It is possible for an already globalised world to move closer together – the solution is the accurate translation of the web and all it holds already and all which is added in the future.


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