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Professional translator into Asian languages

A professional or specialised Asian translator (e.g. translating into Chinese, Japanese, etc.) will have no  problems in understanding the many aspects associated  with Asian characters and the implementation of the spoken languages. Here you will find a brief introduction to the "Far East": Asia is the largest continent with a populace of more than 4 billion, which is 60 percent of the world's population. The various languages spoken in Asia’s  47 countries belong to about 19 language families. China has the largest population; However, Russia has the largest land area. In each respective culture, there are different models of life; mythology, philosophy, and religion which all require different patterns of behaviour; written and verbal communication is very diverse. Indo-European (not Chinese, Indian or Japanese) is the most widely used; there are about 700 dialects in Indonesia, about 415 in India - 22 of which are official languages - and about 170 in the Philippines. There are several dialects in China; only Korea has a single language system but with many different dialects.

Asian language experts or translators create a basis for understanding  all of these levels of difficulty within a language so that, according to their expertise, the respective objective or purpose can be achieved in each case.

Accurate and unambiguous translations are necessary to ensure that business activities with Asian companies in a written and verbal form proceed flawlessly, if a communication difficulty were to arise during contract negotiations it would not form the prerequisites for a successful economic balance sheet.

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