Interesting and surprising facts about Finland

Interesting facts about Finland and Finnish language
  • Finland is located in the north of Europe and borders onto Norway, Sweden, the Baltic Sea, and Russia.
  • In the land of a thousand lakes, there are actually more than 180,000 lakes and 178,888 islands.
  • Wild camping is generally permitted in Finland, as in many Nordic countries, and this naturally attracts hiking tourists from all over the world.
  • Fishing or collecting fresh cranberries is also a popular leisure activity for the locals.
  • Finns love coffee so much that they are the undisputed leaders in terms of global per capita consumption.
  • In total, only about 5 million people live in Finland and yet several world-famous inventions originate from this small country. The Internet browser is actually a Finnish invention and Angry Birds, SMS, the Linux operating system, skates and the sauna were invented in Finland.
  • The winters in the country are very dismal and dark and so it is not surprising that this is the home of most heavy metal bands per capita.
  • But the land of the midnight sun also has a bright side, because between June and July the sun never disappears completely behind the horizon. It is not known whether this fact has also contributed to the invention of one of the strangest sports on earth, The Wife Carrying World Championships takes place every year in July and couples from all over the world travel to take part in this competition.


With the i suffix, international terms Finnish

The Finnish language consists of 15 cases and belongs to the Finno-Ugric languages, which has only really developed in modern times. Before that there were three main tribes who had big cultural differences.

One notable difference to other Finno-Ugric languages is that Finnish only has gender-neutral pronouns and completely lacks grammatical gender. The word hän is gender-neutral and means both "she" and "he". Another special feature is the use of the letter "i" as an ending. International terms such as kiosk, helicopter, hotel or alcohol are directly transferred into the Finnish language with an i appended at the end.

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