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good translations

Today, globalisation is without doubt reaching its peak. With the exponential development of the Southern Hemisphere countries (led by India, China and Brazil) and the economic difficulties encountered in the West (European Union and the United States), the world is entering a new era characterised by a major upheaval in its economic centres. Governments and the richest companies (multinationals) are therefore having to adapt to the new global economic situation, particularly as relocation brings with it a need for worldwide understanding.

While English is still the official language used at Government summits and business meetings held by the major transnational groups, the economic and financial emergence of a country such as China may lead to an increasing need for translations into Chinese, which is, incidentally the most spoken language in the world (nearly one billion three hundred and sixty million inhabitants). While automatic internet translators may be used to some small extent to transcribe certain words or expressions (particularly for personal use by individuals), professional translation appears to be the most appropriate means of improving understanding between individuals and entities, particularly when it comes to transnational agreements between companies. International or national companies involved in trade with those from other countries therefore increasingly need the translation services offered by certified companies such as Alphatrad.


Technical translations

Companies and Government administrations are increasingly calling on the services of professional specialist translators for technical and specialist translations (e.g. medical translation), legal and sworn translations.

Translation is a technical skill that cannot be practised without a thorough understanding of the source language (basic text) and the target language (translated text). It is not a case of translating the text or speech word-for-word (which is how automatic translators operate), but of adapting and interpreting it so that its meaning is clear. Translation from the source language to the target language therefore requires expert skills, particularly when the text is of a specific and technical nature. For example, an instruction manual for medical equipment needs to comply fully with its linguistic and technical requirements in order to accurately transcribe the technical terms. A professional translator therefore needs to have a complete mastery of the source language, the target language and the technical aspects of his translation (medical, legal or sworn translation). As a result, he needs to have a sound knowledge of his subject in addition to translation techniques. A legal translator is therefore required to have a knowledge of law in order to work in a law court or a firm of lawyers requiring a translation service.

If your function (as a company or an individual) requires you to become involved in commercial, legal or administrative procedures with a foreign country, by calling on a translation services company such as Alphatrad you will be helping yourself to get the best out of your international relations and using professional translation as a means of achieving better understandingand improved commercial relations with your foreign contacts.


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