How to obtain a professional, high-quality translation of your documents

How to obtain a professional, high-quality translation of your documents

A poor translation of your professional document can have legal and economic consequences. The meaning of each word counts. To avoid the risk of lawsuits or financial losses linked to a poor quality translation, trust a team of experienced translators.


Professional translation: meeting your high-quality requirements

The quality of your written communication says a lot about the reliability of your company and its professionalism; and the way your company communicates with staff and customers is important. This is why high-quality, professional translation of your documents prevents misunderstandings and misinterpretation of terms used from one country to another.

When translating legal or financial documents, the rules of law applicable in one country are not always the same in another country and their translation requires great precision and care.


Professional translation: accurate relaying of messages

The skills of a professional translation agency guarantee you results that meet your communication objectives.

Your commercial exchanges will be easily understood by your foreign partners – enabling you to carry out a transaction or obtain a new market footing in a foreign country and a team of professional translators will master all the words and expressions specific to your corporate terminology.

These specialist translators are able to understand the nature of your documents to be translated. Without this, poor translation quality can tarnish your company's reputation.


Professional translation: avoid wasting time and money

As a business manager, you know that a professional document that is poorly translated or unclear is hard to read and digest. As a result, the document does not fulfill its objective and fails to convince its readers. When this happens it is a waste of money and time and can result in your company missing out on a fruitful business relationship.

How to sell, do business or communicate with foreign partners who don't really understand the meaning of your messages? Misinterpretation in your commercial exchanges can lead to loss of turnover for your company, and errors in recurring syntax, grammar and spelling can also damage your professional credibility.

Automatic translation software cannot avoid making these errors as it decrypts text in a language other than your own. Automatic translators, even well known ones, do not translate, they simply compare similar sentences in a huge, often public, database and make suggestions without knowing whether the quality is good or not. No translator or linguist is involved.

Only an agency offering post-editing services can ensure an accurate translation of all your documents. In fact, the post-editing process allows you to review a document translated by a software program in order to correct errors of meaning and style.

Today, we meet far less frequently in person. Our company’s image relies on perfect communication and translations to help us stand out in the eyes of our customers, who will judge us on the quality of our documents.

Frédéric Ibanez, CEO, Alphatrad

In short, using professional language services allows you to translate technical, legal, medical, financial and advertising documents quickly, and the quality of the professional translation of your documents guarantees successful business and legal exchanges.

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