The importance of translation for international psychology conferences

The role of a translator within psychology

Psychology is an academic subject which can be of help to anyone at some point in their lives. Without psychology, mental conditions would not be diagnosed and many people would suffer, through not knowing why they feel the way they do.

Those who specialise in psychology study for many years to become experts in their field. Within an ever-evolving area of medicine, it’s important for those who have decided to work in this area, that they continue their professional development through different and varied means.

Conferences are often ways to meet experts and hear about new theories, and examples of good practice from other psychologists around the world. Although, events which attract global delegates, will need to ensure that all documents and handouts are available in a number of languages. This is important so that everyone can understand all discussions and presentations.


The role of a translator within psychology

An events organiser expecting hundreds of people from across the globe will need to be well prepared with conference packs, ready to be handed out as everyone arrives. An important question to ask to  anyone booking a place is, what is their preferred language? With this data, translators can be used to create documents for different conference packs. If the event is of such a senior level that earphones are available at the venue, translators can be used to give live spoken interpretation of those who are taking the podium.


Finding a translation company

Psychology is an incredibly specialised field of medicine, and in turn has many specific medical terms and phrases. Look for a translation company where the translators have a medical background. Medical and psychology translators can swiftly and accurately create documents as required, and are able to give an oral translation on the day if the facilities are available.

Without those who have made their career in this field of work, the world would be a very different place. It is through attending professional development events that psychologists are able to find out about research studies, listen to renowned experts and are able to hear current news about their subject. Translation means that whatever the language, the meaning can be understood and then taken back to their practice to be used alongside helping patients.


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