Ranking of the world’s most spoken languages

Ranking of the world’s most spoken languages

We already mentioned on one occasion that there are 7,000 million people around the world who speak more than 6,000 different languages. A wide range of possibilities can be encountered especially by anyone who frequently travels. Nonetheless, there are a few languages that predominate, whose use and reach is increasing every day.

If you wish to know the ranking of the world’s most spoken languages, you should not lose sight of this post, which begins by analysing the language preferred by the majority of the Earth's inhabitants. This is no other than Chinese Mandarin, a language that preserves hegemony when it comes to the number of people speaking it.  

In fact, there are more than 874 million people around the world who communicate in this language, according to Forbes magazine in one of its recent reports. It is a surprising  figure, all the more so, if we take into account that it is very much ahead of the second language  most spoken around the world, Spanish. With 358 million of the world’s inhabitants speaking the language, Spanish is a front runner followed by English, Hindi and Bengali, with respectively 341, 258 and 207 million speakers.

Have we caught your attention with the five languages that are the most spoken around the world? But there is more to come. Portuguese holds sixth position in the ranking, with 176 million speakers around the world, and Russian and Japanese hold seventh and eighth position, with respectively 167 and 125 million speakers.

In this ranking of languages, surprisingly German holds only ninth position, with 100 million people speaking the language coming second-to-last in the top ten group, and then an unexpected French is down at 12th place, with 77 million of the world’s population speaking the dialect. Now, to have the 20 leading languages included in the table, we need to add Wu, Javanese, Cantonese, Telugu, Marathi, Vietnamese, Tamil, Italian and Turkish.

Also, if the above languages are grouped by continent, Asia is the place in the world with the widest range of languages spoken on a daily basis, since it concentrates 32% of this figure, very similar to that recorded for Africa, with 30% of the total. Then follows Oceania and America, with respectively 19 and 14%, and Europe, where 3% of languages are spoken, this completes the map of languages by continent.

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