Translating Languages in the Internet Era (Infographic)

Translating languages in the Internet era - Infographic Alphatrad UK

In today’s world computers inevitably play a vital role in dealing with the global scale represented by the Internet, the proliferation of languages and the increasing demand for translations.

Web content languages

The web pages available in some of the most important languages in the world.


Social Networks and Languages

Facebook 70 languages

  • 156,800,000 users
  • 48,000,000 users
  • 46,300,000 users


Twitter 28 languages

  • 107,700,000 users
  • 33,300,000 users
  • 29,900,000 users


Google+ 60 languages

  • 56,700,000 users
  • 24,700,000 users
  • 9,700,000 users


LinkedIn 17 languages

  • 58,500,000 users
  • 13,400,000 users
  • 8,370,000 users


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