Translation of land transport contracts

Legal Translation services of land transport contracts

Land transport contracts refer to any documents whereby the parties are obliged to transport a product from one place to another by land, in exchange for a specific sum of money.

Land transport contracts also concern the transport of people and passengers by these means.

The transport contract sets out a number of obligations and rights for the consignor and the carrier including the delivery of goods to the carrier, the submission of relevant documents, and the payment for the agreed freight or cargo. The rights granted by this mechanism, include the right to receive the agreed service, the right to rescind the contract and the pre-emptive right.

The carrier's obligations include the receipt of the goods, the undertaking of the journey, the safekeeping, and conservation of the cargo, and the delivery of the cargo to its consignee. The rights of this mechanism include the collection of payment for the agreed cargo or freight.

With respect to the translation of land transport contracts, the parties concerned must bear in mind that this kind of document also refers to transporting goods by river, by bicycle and by post, with the sole exclusion being those services related to air and maritime transport.

The translation of land transport contracts is particularly useful in the case of passenger transport by road, by bus or by train, because of the number of passengers that use these services on a daily basis and, consequently, the companies that provide these services.

The legal translation of land transport contracts is important given the origin of investors and partners in these companies, because of the propensity of companies moving towards internationalisation and an emphasis on exports to third countries.

Translation may also be relevant to the transport of goods and contracts associated with these products.

In view of the free movement principle within the EU, many companies now provide this service, which is why documents related to the service must be translated.